Martin Schaffner

"I am a Singer/Songwriter living in Switzerland. Yes, I love Swiss chocolate (as long as it’s not Nestlé) and passionately hate Swiss Banks, Harley riding CEOs, people who stick to holy scriptures and guns (though one or the other might be very useful at some times). Most of the songs I’ve written over the course of the last few years are in Swiss, sort of a German dialect. If you understand Swiss German or happen to have Swiss ancestors why not having a look at www.martinschaffner.ch. You will find lots of Swiss German songs as free mp3 downloads along with lyrics, liner notes and other writings."


Click on a title of a track will open the download page with lyrics and some notes on the songs. To listen to the preview-sample (reduced quality) a sound plugin is required.

It Really Matters
Una Canzone della Lotta
Witness Of The Changes
The Rattle Of The Tracks
There Must Be Some Life
Look What A Memory Can Do
They Planted Sickness...
My Friend You're Just Dreaming
The Painter