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About this song
(rough translation 
of Swiss German lyrics)

Say is it true? 
Say is it true I won't see you no more
Say is it true what I hear them saying
It feels as if there's no more love
That's how I feel when I hear you

They say it can't be that bad 
everything will just turn out fine 
forget about the past 
and keep your feet on the ground
That's how I've come to doubt 
and lost my faith
But if I lose you 
there's nothing left for me

Tell me why 
I'll never understand
Tell me why you had to go
Tell me why love is like that
Tell me why 
if you're the one who knows

Time flies and I start to forget
Keep my eyes open 
and take whatever I need
But sometimes at night 
when I'm lying awake 
there's nothing I can do 
And I'm thinking of the times 
when I had you by my side

Are there many reasons to envy our American fellows? Don't know, let me think... Yes there is one thing: All the great folk songs this nation has brought forward. Songs that are passed from one generation to another. To be honest, I don't think this Swiss song will become a real folk song. It's just a nice idea. And so are the guitars of Pascal Biedermann on this recording.
Rick Schell: drums 
Ethan Pilzer: bass
Pascal Biedermann: acoustic and 
electric guitars, mandoline 
Martin Schaffner: additional acoustic guitar

Recorded  2003
at various places
Mixed by Robb Earls
Sound Vortex Nashville

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