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Soldier (The Scorn of Their Fathers)

Dear comrade soldier 
we're raising our glass
And welcome you back 
to the land of the brave
May your name be remembered
And may it be written 
in god's book of life

No scar on your skin 
reminds of your task
No blood on your clothes 
to prove you were there
You got nothing to fear
The wild stormy water 
is placid again

You've survived 
you've survived
You're alive

Names on the tombstones 
won't frighten the brave
Nor words a young man 
did write to his love
Who was waiting in vain
To stare at the meaningless 
signs on the wall

Some leave no picture 
no words, no address
No memories, no grieve 
and not even a name
No memories, no grieve
 and not even a name

You've survived, you've survived 
you're alive

The wild stormy water is placid again
You've survived, you survived 
you're alive

Some believe firmly 
their ancestors live
To guide them along 
with that sharp blade of steel
Making their way 
through the night of disgrace
And the scorn of their fathers 
will lighten their path

I carried the idea for this song with me for some years. I liked the idea of having a "comrade soldier" and the "Land of the Brave" in one line. I finished the song for the recording sessions in Nashville. I did some rewriting and added the bridge with the "scorn of their fathers". We recorded it a few days before the beginning of the war in Irak, in 2003. For me the song reflects the spooky atmosphere of a nation drumming for war.
Rick Schell: drums
Ethan Pilzer: bass
Doug Lancio: electric guitars
Kim Parent: backing vocals
Martin Schaffner: vocals, acoustic guitar

Recorded 2003
at Sound Vortex Nashville

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