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Una Canzone della Lotta

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About this song
Una Canzone della lotta
(translation of Swiss German lyrics)

Right on the entrance door I posted it
"La lotta continua 
(The fight goes on)" it said
But he just smiled when he saw it
just like I do now, thinking back 
A young man trying to fight
a system so restrictive
aiming at a guy who's drudging
for a bunch of kids and for his boss

Una canzone della lotta (a battle song)
but there is no enemy in sight
Get up and fight the beat goes on
we won';t stop till victory is won

All the heroes of my childhood dreams
they were wild combatants and warriors
And now you're standing in a schoolyard
gun in your hand beside barbed wire
Some of the children laughing, some afraid
of this weary man in his battle dress

Una canzone della lotta
but there is no enemy in sight
Get up and fight the beat goes on
we won't stop till victory is won

Scenes of rioting 
and fighting in the streets
angry young hearts, a burning city
And me, I'm sitting here 
thumbing through the pictures
or scan my 30 TV programs
How many years ago? 
Or maybe even live broadcast?
I can't remember where I was back then
But I would have joined them 
had someone called me

Una canzone della lotta
close your eyes, follow the flag
Get up and fight the beat goes on
we won't stop till victory is won

 ** per capita Switzerland has the 
biggest army in Europe. The last war
this country had seen was a civil war 
in 1847. Every male citizen has 
to do his compulsory military service 
that consists of periodically training 
over several years. So standing somewhere
in a village 'playing'  soldier is a 
common experience for the male 
population of this country.

This is one of the two Swiss songs on the Album although it has an Italian title. "Una Canozone della Lotta" means battle song. "La lotta continua" was the slogan of the Italian socialists and young leftwing groups all over Europe in the late 60s and the early 70s. I never really joined the battle. I think I just used the phrase to make my daddy angry.
Walter Keiser: drums
Peter Keiser: bass 
Pascal Biedermann: electric guitars 
Peter Wagner: Hammond organ
Martin Schaffner: acoustic guitar
Bettina Schelker: harmony vocals

Recorded at different locations
mixed by Robb Earls,
Sound Vortex Nashville

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