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Look What A Memory Can Do

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Look What a Memory Can Do!

There's something tonight
some kind of strange sensation 
that hit me out of the blue
some kind of strange experience 
I've never had been through
makes me turn around 
and makes me wonder why
and still I hope 
it's just some shadow passing by

It's all in your mind
but there's no replay 
no slow motion it's just real life
Ain't no tale 
where sleeping beauties come alive
You know the past is just a goodbye

But there's a long lost song
a long forgotten tune from so far 
But now it's coming strong 
To haunt you
Look what a memory can do
But now it's coming strong 
to haunt you
Look what a memory can do!

This guy looked so calm, maybe even sleepy when I met him in the recording studio. But once Doug Lancio turns the knobs of his equipment and hits the strings of his guitars it's pure magic. I really love the sound of his guitars.
Rick Schell: drums
Ethan Pilzer: bass
Doug Lancio: guitars
Kim Parent: harmony vocals
Martin Schaffner: vocals

Recorded 2003
at Sound Vortex Nashville

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