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They Planted Sickness...

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They planted Sickness In My Garden

They planted sickness in my garden
The morning wind brought disease

I don't know about all these things
I am not a scientist
I'm just an ignorant
I'm just a fool

Empty streets forsaken homes
In a lush green no man's land
Whoever's not to leave
Stays there to die

They planted sickness...

All the oathes and all the vows
All the faith and grinning bows
Are just a crumbling mask
To cover your face

Can you bear the children's eyes
Do you dare to speak the truth
There is an unseen curse
Spread on the fields

They planted sickness...

"Oh well, a song about Chernobyl. That's really old news..." someone told me after realising what the lyrics are about. Maybe he should take a trip to the forsaken Ukrainian towns near the exploded nuclear power station. There are so many stories and songs about Titanic. I don't know any other songs about Chernobyl. Although this accident was much more grave than the sinking of the luxury liner. I live half a mile from a nuclear power station and people here are so sure this will never happen to us. Hope so too.
Rick Schell: drums
Ethan Pilzer: bass
Steve D. Anderson: nylon string guitar
Doug Lancio: electric guitar
Martin Schaffner: vocals, acoustic guitar

Recorded 2003
at Sound Vortex Nashville

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